Fran made this for her grandson using our linen, what could you make?


Inspired by Heather's sausage dog pin cushion on"The Great British

Sewing Bee" Trudi made this piggy.



Linen covered coil pots


Lavender Hearts and patchwork picture for Valentine's Day



Cheerful and easy to make, these rosette style yoyos can be used to make garlands, quilts and accessories or to decorate scarves and cushions.  Laura made a yo yo garland and then wrapped it around a cushion to give it a crafty touch.



Motif Tea Towels

Trudi appliqued these tea-towels with a cheerful motif. The base of the tea-towel was made using plain linen.  She used a dense zig-zag stitch to edge the motif with the sewing machine.


Festive Decorations


These linen decorations are very sweet - an alternative to baubles and tinsel. 



Parcel Cushion

Laura made this patchwork style parcel cushion by folding squares of fabric, held in place with linen covered buttons.



Printing on Linen

 We block printed onto tea towels made from our 'Landscapes - Clay' fabric. This is a particularly good linen to print and dye with.


Bathroom Rag Rugs

Linen is very absorbent and dries quickly, so making a rag rug out of our fabric is ideal for a bathroom mat. Knit with thick needles to quickly create a homemade rag rug.


Colourful Linen Belt

Trudi's belt was made using various linens from our collection.  It is based on a design she found in her 'Golden Hands' collection of sewing magazines from the 1970s.


Embellished Linen Skirt

Fran has decorated her linen skirt using her new 'embellishing' machine. It works by punching needles through layers of fabric and forcing the displaced fibres to join together.  The fibres create a matted texture underneath the fabric, leaving the decorative surface layers to stay put without any stitch marks or glue.


Ruffle Scarf


This scarf uses a technique known as hairpin crochet.  Made by Trudi. 



Trudi made coasters using 4 linens



Handmade Companions

Trudi made a selection of grab toys from our linen

Jack Rabbits, Ballerina Mice and Karate Kittens.



Our linens make great scarves for snowmen too!




Patchwork Drawings

Make textural drawings out of scraps of fabric.  Trudi made this using a Bag of Linen Bits and a Bundle of Patchwork Pieces, available online.